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Storybones proudly presents 13 tales about succubi in this first book of our Demon Lovers anthology series.

Seductress, demon, or cursed being, the succubus wears many guises in this exciting new short story collection.

Some of these tales are spicy and contain adult content, but this is not a collection of erotica. Rather, Demon Lovers: Succubi looks at the nature of the succubus and what it means to live by preying on humans, or to be the mortal a succubus has set her sights on.

Revenge, redemption, loss, lust, desire and love are some of the places these stories will take readers as each succubus reveals a facet of her unique existence.

Genre readers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy and science fiction will find gems to delight in in this collection. Authors are a mix of new voices and established writers, including Mary Roberts Rinehart Award nominee Diana Pharaoh Francis, two-time Nebula Award nominee Jennifer Pelland, Deborah Teramis Christian, whose work has been considered for the Tiptree Award, and Laura Antoniou, whose Marketplace series has been lauded as setting the standard for contemporary SM erotic fiction.

Demon Lovers: Succubi is presently published in ebook format only, and may be purchased here and at other outlets through the links in the sidebar.   Buyers will also receive a free bonus ebook of succubus lore and history, a $17.95 value, as a thank-you to our new customers.  See the Buy Here link for details.

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  • Laura Antoniou1 Leathershirt02 Demon Lovers: Succubi Laura Antoniou1 Leathershirt02 Demon Lovers: Succubi Laura Antoniou "One Drop"
  • lilly cain3 Demon Lovers: Succubi lilly cain3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Lilly Cain "Calling Syn"
  • teramis bW 400x385 Demon Lovers: Succubi teramis bW 400x385 Demon Lovers: Succubi Deborah Teramis Christian "Elise's Gift"
  • Di Francis photo Demon Lovers: Succubi Di Francis photo Demon Lovers: Succubi Diana Pharaoh Francis "Hunger Pains"
  • Nina Harper3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Nina Harper3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Nina Harper "Homecoming"
  • Jason Hosler3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Jason Hosler3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Jason Christopher Hosler "A Different Approach"
  • talitha kalago4 Demon Lovers: Succubi talitha kalago4 Demon Lovers: Succubi Talitha Kalago "Blood For Bone"
  • CH Keyes2 Demon Lovers: Succubi CH Keyes2 Demon Lovers: Succubi C. H. Keyes "Succubus Chances"
  • deanna knippling2 Demon Lovers: Succubi deanna knippling2 Demon Lovers: Succubi DeAnna Knippling "Mother Vinegar"
  • Maitha Moon2 Demon Lovers: Succubi Maitha Moon2 Demon Lovers: Succubi Maitha Moon "We'll Always Have 9 A.M."
  • Jennifer Pelland2 Demon Lovers: Succubi Jennifer Pelland2 Demon Lovers: Succubi Jennifer Pelland "In the Manner of His Choosing"
  • Lawrence Scott3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Lawrence Scott3 Demon Lovers: Succubi Lawrence Scott "Recovery"
  • lselkeauthorphoto2 Demon Lovers: Succubi lselkeauthorphoto2 Demon Lovers: Succubi Lori Selke "Lily in Bloom"

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“Homecoming” by Nina Harper
A short and not too happy life, a tragic and untimely teen death—it was just the beginning for Jez, who after her death found herself chosen for succubus training.  Amazing powers and an exciting demonic life were all within her grasp if she could only graduate to the satisfaction of her trainers.

That meant delivering her first soul to Hell, and Jez knew just who needed to be served up:  the jerk who’d dated and dumped her just before her death. Forget the admonishments against such petty revenge—it wasn’t petty to her. Her feelings still hurt, and she knew just where to find him on this particular day in Fall. He was sure to be at Homecoming at her old high school.

A fledgling succubus, a bonfire night, and vengeance ripe for delivery:  Jez hadn’t really planned to go home again, but this one time, for Homecoming, she would make an exception. . .

“Lily in Bloom” by Lori Selke
Cravings and desires that must be fed: it is a succubus’ nature. Lily and her friends have no problem with their natures, but there are other considerations in play these days.  To feed on someone is to destroy them, and in this modern day and age, that could cause…repercussions. The politics of Hell and the mandate to keep a low profile made things a lot more difficult for succubi than they used to be.

Difficult enough, in fact, that the Demonic Ladies Knitting and Archery Society support group is always fully attended. Lily goes religiously, or as religiously as any demon can.  She tries to take only what she needs. She tries to confine her attentions to those foolish men who don’t realize that this time, she’s the predator and they’re the prey.

But there is so much temptation all around. What’s a succubus to do?

“Blood For Bone” by Talitha Kalago
In the eyes of her husband, Lucy is only good for two things:  looking pretty and ordering pizza. Lucy dreams of being a better wife than that and, maybe one day, a good mother too.  But her husband won’t even try her cooking or indulge her fantasies about opening a little café.

When Lucy meets Sassy, a voluptuous, exotic woman who smells like spices, things suddenly take a turn for the weird. Sassy offers a peculiar bargain: for one night of sex, she can give Lucy everything she wants—her own café, happiness and the confidence she desperately needs.

One night of sex seems like a small price to pay, but Lucy would never cheat on her husband…would she?

“Mother Vinegar” by DeAnna Knippling
Ship’s AI and succubus Bright Pickle loves her life of running a space ship and titillating her human pilot, Chester. Accompanying her miner on his journeys through the outer solar system, she’s managed to keep herself as far away from her mother AI’s machinations of independence and conquest as possible. But Mother can’t leave well enough alone. When she sets the wheels of destruction turning, only Bright Pickle can save Chester and thwart Mother Vinegar’s plans.

But Pickles is her mother’s daughter, after all…

“In the Manner of His Choosing” by Jennifer Pelland
Each night, she follows the stink of guilt with more skill than any bloodhound, tracing the trail straight to the beds of the men who deserve her most. She brings death from the place where other women bring life, and she does it without reservations.

She is a succubus. She is vengeance in the form of a woman.

And sometimes on that trail, she does not always find what she expects at the end.

“We’ll Always Have 9 A.M.” by Maitha Moon
Who can say when love will come out of nowhere to turn one’s head? Certainly not Vera, an efficient and experienced succubus who was intent only on getting through her quota for the day.

Nick was just another item on her to-do list, but when their day is interrupted by Divine Intervention, Vera’s impulsive action puts them both on the wrong side in God’s Plan. Not a good place for a succubus to be, and when she needs to deal with the Big Guy, there is only one unlikely hope of setting things right.

“Hunger Pains” by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Olivia has spent a long time denying her true nature and passing as human. When she falls for her boss, Noah, she wants to earn his love, not steal it—but as a succubus, she can’t help herself. It’s time for desperate measures to be with the man she loves.

She’s paid a witch to cure her, only now she’s running out of time. Noah has found someone else, and if Olivia doesn’t act soon, she’ll lose him forever. Tonight’s the night, if nothing gets in the way. But someone from her past has other ideas…

“Recovery” by Lawrence Scott
Like others of her kind who have fallen from grace, Claire comes from a divine origin. But that was long and long ago, and over the eons the succubus has gone from loving humans to using and exploiting them.  Intent on destroying lives and delivering up souls, addicted to sex and sensation, she does her work as she has done it for time out of mind.

Or that’s what she’s supposed to be doing. Yet one lover she is setting up for destruction has a strange hold on her, and it’s getting harder and harder to do what a succubus is supposed to do.  Memories, regrets, forgotten aspirations, long-buried feelings stirring—it’s a lot to handle, and when the dam breaks, nothing will be the same in Claire’s world ever again.

“A Different Approach” by Jason Christopher Hosler
Josef is a virtuous man, a sincere and pious soul who puts great stock in the words of the Tome and the teachings of the Prelate. He once thought his willpower should be enough to fend off the nighttime visitations of a demonic seductress—but he was wrong.

A Prelate’s blessing, his personal faith, his virtue: Josef girds himself with all possible forces for good, grasping to anything that might balance out his weakening resolve. But will it be enough when night falls, and the succubus returns? They are creatures of temptation and deception, and little does Josef know just how greatly deceived he may be.

“Succubus Chances” by C.H. Keyes
Ever since the bite of a succubus’ pet bat altered her forever, things haven’t been the same for Aimee. Independent, self-employed, and fundamentally romantic, the things her new-found succubus nature drives her to desire go squarely against her upbringing.

Now she’s desperately fighting her craving for men, for sex, and slowly her willpower is crumbling. There is no worse time in the world to fall for someone—and when she does, she knows her time has run out. Can she risk having sex, only to lose any chance for real love?

It’s a chance a succubus might be compelled to take.

“Calling Syn” by Lilly Cain
Every job has its risks—but not many run the hazard where failure means being devoured body and soul. It’s Julien Black’s job to raise demons—he gets paid to summon them to meet with his underground employers. It’s not up to him what happens next, it’s not his deal.

But Julien’s never raised a succubus and he has no idea of the power the wily females have at hand. When the demon he’s called names herself as Syn, Priestess of the Temple of Lust, Julien knows he’s in trouble. He’s been sabotaged and Syn is about to escape. Julien must find a way to soothe her desires and save his soul, but staying in control isn’t easy when you’re with a succubus named Syn.

“One Drop” by Laura Antoniou
Discovering you are kinky can be scary; exploring the worlds of consent and pain and the erotic torments of sadomasochism just brings the fear factor up a notch or two, even with a lover as gentle, understanding, kind and conscientious as Rina. But when Joyce yearns for more, dreams and fantasizes of a more cruel, more pure, more sadistic element to their play style, she is unprepared for the hideous, bloody glory of a demon who truly delights in violence and degradation. And once called…how can she ever free herself—and her lover!—from the sort of bondage they just don’t cover in an SM 101 class?

“Elise’s Gift” by Deborah Teramis Christian
Julia Hammond, née Lamont, is a high initiate of a secret metaphysical order in 1860s London. While she is busy training new inductees to their order—-and wrestling with a burgeoning crush on her beautiful friend, Elise—she has no idea that one of their many recruits is the succubus Cleastra in human guise.

Cleastra has met other Lamonts before—-met them, desired them, and been driven off before she could destroy her victims with her lustful embrace. Now, with an unsuspecting Julia at hand and her attraction to Elise to play upon, the succubus’ way is clear to sate herself and finally have her vengeance on the irksome Lamonts.